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Hi - Welcome to SKILLscan

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SKILLscan® - is a Skills Assessment Application that can be used with any competence framework, for students (vocational or employability) for recruitment or to measure the skill levels of those in employment:


Vocational: SKILLscan® will provide a Skills Assessment for Students at regular intervals - both before they start their course (to check whether they are on the right course & level) and also during their course - to monitor their progress, and to identify gaps in their skills.

Employability: SKILLscan® can be used to obtain an accurate assessment of an individual's skills for employability, giving accurate and quick results
Performance Management: SKILLscan® can be used for assessing Performance skills, for example as used to assess Employees as part of a Performance Appraisal system.
Employment: SKILLscan® can also be used to assess for recruitment. SKILLscan4JOBS is a simple system that enables Recruiters or Employers to 'Score' Applicants for any position, against their individual 'Job Matrix' for their position. for more information on this version, please check SKILLscan4JOBS at

We ensure that, during the design process, SKILLscan's® functionality is always developed around the needs of it's users. We started with the same basis proposition: that of enabling Clients to obtain simple 'Skills Ratings' to measure the skill levels of their users against their own individual competence framework.

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